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Azores Timescapes I (2016)

This is a compilation of older time lapses in a single volume from São Miguel island, Azores. Unfortunately, after losing 1.4TB of gorgeous scenes, I’ve decided to compile this collection in a single video with footage still before the tourism “boom” and showcasing a personal vision of the island beauty and singularity.

I’m also closing a chapter or learning about timelapse techniques hoping to return in the future with superior quality and also footage from the other islands. A super special thanks for Brenda Xu for allowing me to use the “Lovely Storm” track from the album “Overflow” in this video, one of my favorite songs from this year.

Music by Brenda Xu
Brenda Xu Overflow (2017) Album

Lightning Storm (2020)

On the dawn of September 11, we set ourselves looking at the sky and decided to chase the storm. After the initial frustrations of trying to capture perfect bolts of lightning with the DSLR (raining some times, very dynamic lightning storm with a lot of variations in light intensity, location, and distance), I've switched for the tiny old iPhone8 and start making some video captures. It's grainy, low quality, and it was handheld, but I hope it gives some feeling of that beautiful gorgeous night, one like I've never seen before on the island.