About me

Contacts and Social Media

I'm César Couto, known in the earlier Internet days as X-Crap. Based and born in São Miguel island, Azores.
I'm a cross-disciplinary creative working as a web developer and web designer at Waka WebStudio. I've also created Paranoias.io, a curated blog to stimulate your mind in creative subjects like design, photography, architecture, technology or music.

Since I'm deeply related with visual and design activities, photography has naturally become a journey and a learning process. Here you will find some of my latest captures and photo exploration from a programmers point of view.

Say Hello

The best way to reach me is by email at cesar@cesarcouto.com or for work inquiries use cesarcouto@waka.pt. Socially, I'm almost everywhere, you can reach me at my private Facebook, the Photography Facebook Page, Google+, Twitter and Instagram.

Photo and Video Licensing

All photos and videos are available for licensing.
Licensing type changes according use (web, print, tv, etc) and exclusive, non exclusive or premium license.
Please contact me via cesar@cesarcouto.com